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Membership for over 19s is £20 per month.
Joint membership (two adults) £35.
Youth Membership 13 - 19  £10 per month.

This includes an assessment by one or our qualified trainers,
who will discuss with you any medical issues you may have, and 
what you wish to achieve.

You will be given a personalised fitness programme designed to improve your strength, balance, coordination and fitness.

If you're not sure whether this is for you, just call in for a chat and see what we get up to! Or make an appointment with Paul.  07910748111.

                          JOIN THE GROUP CLASSES 

We have group classes too - to encourage us to keep going!

Wednesdays 5.30pm  Stretching and toning with weighted bars and                       stretchy bands.

Thursdays   5.30pm  Circuit training, just 1 minute on several different activities
(three times over of course). To really get you going and challenge your whole body. All abilities welcome - take it at you own pace.

Sundays      10am    Kettle Bell class, all over strength and fitness in a varied class to target different muscle groups and aerobic fitness.

Mondays 6.30 pm  Introduction to Pilates course. Next 5 weeks from 31st July 2017
(NB There may be a £1 or £2 charge for these sessions).

These are ALL INCLUDED in your monthly fee. You know it makes sense.......

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The 'Early Years curriculum' may not apply in this instance!

Circuit class in full swing. With RIP 60 and TRX
Body Suspension Systems in the foreground!

Our Life Fitness X1 Crosstrainers

        The friendly, supportive, safe, way to improve health and fitness, in your 
         own community.
         Set your own goals with a structured programme, tailor made for you by a qualified
         personal trainer.
         Group classes are also available,  and included in membership fee. 

        As well as keeping us fit and happy, the Gym has a serious aim to help us all                       reduce the occurrence, and alleviate symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, 
        weight problems, high blood pressure and many other problems we have to deal
        with in our modern world.

        We all find as we get older that slips and trips can become more dangerous and                   frightening as our flexibility, balance, coordination and strength deteriorates.
        Keeping active and supple and paying attention to the muscle groups we tend to                 neglect will help! 

        The Gym takes referrals from GPs in the Broadland area via 'Broadly Active' the                 Broadland District Council physical activity referral scheme. Please check the
        link below and see your GP if you think this may be useful for you.

Life fitness F1 Treadmill

Life Fitness F1 Treadmill

We have plenty of Kettle bells 2-5 kg
heavier ones are available if necessary!

Concept 2 Rowers

Concept 2 Rowers